Here you will find all our services for biking!

Whether bike service, software update or flat tire repair – everyone will find what they need with us.

A regular check not only extends the life of your bike, it also increases the riding pleasure. Because a bicycle in perfect condition rides better.
At first glance, many defects are not visible and constitute a safety risk.
Regular service prevents accidents!

  • Control and adjustment of the switching and braking system without venting
  • Control of bowden and ropes for wear
  • Inspection of the chain for wear incl. Lubrication
  • Control of all screws, by means of torque
  • Checking of tyres and tyre pressure
  • Control of wheels and spokes
  • Check of the suspension fork function incl. Air pressure adjustment
  • Control and adjustment of the rate
  • Basic cleaning of the bike
  • Additional work is charged according to expenditure
  • Test drive

Same services as regular bike service
+ Read and delete error codes via error memory
+ Software update

  • Replace brake shoes (without spare parts)
  • Brake drain incl. Oil/DOT
  • Hose change
  • Change of tyres
  • Glue tyres
  • Setting the Circuit
  • Replace chain
  • Replace pinion
  • Replace tooth ring
  • Wheel center
  • Replacing spokes incl. Center
  • Speedometer change battery (without spare parts)
  • Speedometer Mounting incl. Setting
  • Renew pedal
  • Replace handles
  • Fenders mount MTB
  • Fighters mount Tour/Trekking
  • Changing bulb
  • Replace headlamps
  • Estimate in writing
  • Wheel Mounting RR/MTB
  • Wheel assembly Tri/time rider
  • Bosch Software Update
  • Shimano Software Update